Sensational Swirls: Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023

This post about my Bagel Sourdough Bread experience has been a long time coming. I have worked hard to perfect my Amazing Golden sourdough bread process so that I can share this Golden sourdough bread recipe with you. I have also done more latest research on this by meeting very famous chefs and people with extensive experience. Then this unique recipe is prepared for you. And although many people have been begging me to share my recipe, I didn’t want to post it when it wasn’t up to standards. I can confidently say that I have the most delicious Bagel Sourdough Bread recipe for you to try. But that’s just the beginning – I’ve got even more Bagel Sourdough Bread recipes coming for you, including posts about beginners, discard recipes, sourdough bread flavors, scoring techniques, and more.

Our preferences may differ when it comes to Bagel Sourdough Bread. I like my bread to be airy, delicious, golden and crispy on the outside. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of dim bread. I don’t cook my bread at the highest temperature that most Bagel Sourdough Bread recipes require. I’d like to cook the food at a lower temperature for longer and have a little more goldenness.

My favourite way to eat Bagel Sourdough Bread is to toast it, add a layer of butter and my favourite, raspberry jam. We make our bread into turkey sandwiches, grilled cheese, and French toast, and I also like to make croutons from stale bread.

If you already have an active starter installed, this blog is for you! No worries if you don’t have a working starter; I will write a blog about a starter next.

Sensational Swirls: Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023
Sensational Swirls: Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023

Let’s get started making the best Bagel Sourdough Bread ever.

It usually takes me 24 hours from start to finish (from feeding my starter to baking) to make my bread. 24 hours seems like a high-upkeep process, however, I guarantee it’s not. There are many hours when you leave bread to rise or leave the starter alone to activate. The process can be customized to fit any type of schedule. The more you bake Bagel Sourdough Bread, the more you will find yourself positioned on a timeline that works for you.

Reasons why you’ll love Easy Bagel Sourdough Bread Recipe for Beginners:

Basic Simple Ingredients: This fledglingBagel Sourdough Bread recipe has a short rundown of straightforward fixings, making it simple to get everything rolling with a negligible quarrel.

CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS: This beginner Bagel Sourdough Bread recipe has detailed instructions and step-by-step guidance, making it easy to follow, even if you’ve never made bread before.

Sound and Normal: Bagel Sourdough Bread is a better choice than customary bread, as it contains more supplements and is simpler to process. It’s likewise made with regular yeast, which is better for your stomach microbiome.

Delightful Taste: Bagel Sourdough Bread has a novel, tart flavor that many individuals view as compelling. Besides, with just enough practice, you can tweak the flavor by changing the ageing time, adding spices or flavors, or utilizing various sorts of flour.

Budget-Friendly: Making your Bagel Sourdough Bread can be more cost-effective than buying from a bakery or grocery store, especially if you’re buying high-quality artisan bread.

Baking Satisfaction: There’s something satisfying about making your bread from scratch, and Bagel Sourdough Bread is no exception. Furthermore, it’s an incredible method for intriguing your loved ones with your baking abilities!

Sensational Swirls Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023
Sensational Swirls: Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023

Bagel Sourdough Bread for Beginners Best Golden Bagel Sourdough Bread

Sensational Swirls Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023
Sensational Swirls: Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023

Bagel Sourdough Bread Recipe

Along with the Bagel Sourdough Bread recipe, I will also share tips and tricks to make this Bagel Sourdough Bread better and some fun ways to make it tastier. Bagel Sourdough Bread is simple, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll naturally become more adventurous with the process. You can also focus on the recipe and find a routine that works better for you. The more you play with sourdough, the more perfect your loaves turn out every time.  It’s enjoyable to glance back at how far I’ve come. I remember Googling everything there was to know about sourdough starters, and even after reading and watching all the videos, I was still very confused. At last, you get on, and it causes you to feel like you’re a bread researcher. I’m somewhat fixated on it at this moment. I love trying new techniques, and I love looking to others for inspiration. My page for you is just full of sour videos and scoring art.

This won’t be a blog on my sourdough starter, but I will share a little about that process. I will write a similar great blog about the starter in the future. If you are interested in getting started, I would recommend starting the sourdough starter process now or purchasing an active sourdough starter on Amazon. It took me about two weeks to make my starter, and if I’m being honest I wish I had purchased the starter online to save myself days of frustration. Beneficially, my starter is as yet flourishing and making the most flavorful portions. I additionally need to take his name. So assuming that you have any great name ideas for my sourdough starter, kindly leave them in the remarks. It generally annoys me to hear individuals discussing their initials and calling them by name.

What sparked my interest in Bagel Sourdough Bread?

I’ve always admired bakers who make bread online. A few months ago, I was browsing the grocery store and looking to pick up sandwich bread to put together. A loaf of Bagel Sourdough Bread that was dry and crusty, had probably been on the shelves for days and was smaller than the palm of my hand, cost $15. It wasn’t made in the grocery store, the flour wasn’t organic, and there were a lot of ingredients listed on the back. I started searching for Bagel Sourdough Bread recipes on Google and got sucked into the wormhole of #sourdoughlife and that created the bread monster that I am today. I love that it’s an art, it requires passion, and bread makes everyone happy! It’s one of my favourite hobbies.

Homemade Bagel Sourdough Bread makes the best sandwiches, one of my favourite foods. I may never go back to grocery store bread again! This sandwich has been our favourite. I make a huge one, and we share it with a side salad or homemade soup. It has toasted Bagel Sourdough Bread, avocado, mayonnaise, honey-broiled turkey, bacon, peppers, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and American cheddar.

Sensational Swirls Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023
Sensational Swirls: Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023

Don’t Overcomplicate Your Starter

People (including me at first) get very nervous about sourdough starters. It’s hard to understand at first, and it’s even a little intimidating. I think it’s often much more complicated. A lot of people tell you you can’t do this and can’t do that, but I’ve done many of those “can’ts” and my bread has turned out just fine.

If I’m going to make Bagel Sourdough Bread, what should I do first?

The primary thing you want to do is feed your starter. Some people will tell you to feed your starter in equal parts, but I rarely do this, especially if I have to make enough starter to cook 10-12 loaves of bread. (Feeding instructions are listed below)

If you want to make Bagel Sourdough Bread and don’t have a starter, try buying a live starter from a local bakery or on Amazon, or ask a neighbour for a starter. You’ll be able to feed the starter immediately and start baking within a day.

Feed your starter in equal parts

Most people mix equal amounts of starter, water, and flour when feeding their starter.

You can make a successful starter by mixing 1/4 cup active starter, 1/4 cup water, and 1/4 cup flour (or 1/2 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/2 cup,). and so on)

Add more flour and water to your starter (not in equal amounts)

If you add more flour and water to your jar than the starter, it is called levain. Levain has a less sour flavour, and it also makes more of a starter if you need more for a recipe. It may require more hours to activate, but this is helpful if you need more starters or if you are trying to reduce sourness. If you only have two tablespoons of starter in your refrigerator, you may want to make levain to cook a recipe that requires 100+ grams of starter.

Let’s say you only have a few spots of starter left in your jar after making a loaf of bread, to get it going you would add 1/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of flour, put it in your refrigerator, and let it sit for about 12 hours. After, your starter will activate again.

I never measure accurately. That’s why I say people overcomplicate the starter process. I sometimes don’t even measure the water and flour that go into the starter jar, and it works out perfectly every time. I’m not saying you should do this, but that’s why I think “the bread guys know it all” makes things more complicated. This is a technique of intimidation (just kidding, I don’t know, ahh)

You’re probably confused, but I promise you’ll understand soon. I plan to make a lot of TikToks and videos in the future that will help explain more about it.

Sensational Swirls Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023
Sensational Swirls: Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023

Do I throw away an extra starter when feeding my starter?

Yes, that’s what confused me at first.

This is called your sacrifice. If you are using 1/4 cup of starter to feed, you will discard the rest. You can either throw away the leftovers, use it to make a starter, or use it for another recipe. I rarely throw my stuff out. I usually season it, put it in the refrigerator, and use it for the next batch of bread. You can find lots of good recipes online to use Discord, so nothing goes to waste. I’ve tried chocolate chip treats, biscuits, quiches and flapjacks. I look forward to sharing many more sourdough recipes this year. I’m kind of obsessed at this point.

Where should I put my starter if I’m not baking for a few days?

It takes several weeks of neglect for beginners to die, and after some troubleshooting they become quite forgiving. If you don’t plan on using your starter for a week or two, put it in the refrigerator. Feed it every 7 to 12 days. Take out a few tablespoons of starter and add a few tablespoons of water and a few tablespoons of flour. Mix, and let it rest. You don’t need to add more flour and water if you don’t plan on baking.

If you plan to bake every 24 to 48 hours, you can leave your starter out on the countertop. You just have to keep feeding it daily. Refrigerating the starter slows down fermentation, allowing your starter to go to sleep and let it sit for a few days or a few weeks. I always feed my starter before sending it into the refrigerator gel.

If you’re going on vacation, rest assured that your starter will stay perfectly safe in the refrigerator.

How do you feed your starter after refrigeration for a few weeks?

So you’re ready to bake, however, your starter has been in the refrigerator for 10-14 days.

Remove your starter from the refrigerator and let it sit on the counter for 45 minutes to an hour. Make a levain, or feed your starter with equal portions. Place your fed starter near a window or in a warm location for 5-12 hours. Use a tape measure to measure its growth, and your starter should be active and ready to bake! If you plan to knead the dough in the morning, you can do this the night before.

Sensational Swirls Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023
Sensational Swirls: Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023

The starter is ready when…

After feeding your starter, keep it in a warm place in the house. (On hot days I keep my stuff under a heat vent or near a window.)

In about 5 to 12 hours, your starter should double in volume, look foamy like a sponge, and have a sour smell. Once you pick up a spoon, it will spread like bubblegum. (Or try the float test.)

What ingredients do you use to make your starter?

  • Organic all-purpose flour (there are other flours you can use to make a starter, but I like to keep it simple)
  • pure room temperature water
  • starter

Did you know that there are a few common things and ingredients you need to use to make your own Bagel Sourdough Bread?

Ingredients are very important when successfully making Bagel Sourdough Bread.

  • Organic bread flour – I use King Arthur – (you don’t have to use organic, it’s what I often use)
  • Purified room temperature water – (you can leave your water out overnight to help eliminate residual chlorine)
  • Active Starter – (first fed within the last 5 to 12 hours)
  • Fine artisan sea salt – (or fine sea salt) – Try to avoid iodized salt as it can leave a bitter aftertaste.
  • Is there any filler you would like to add during folding and shaping?

Side note: These are the ingredients I use most of the time, but you don’t have to use organic bread flour or artisanal sea salt.

I made whole-wheat Bagel Sourdough Bread, but I’ll save that for another post. I’m already throwing too much information at you at this point.

Sensational Swirls Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023
Sensational Swirls: Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023

Can I use metal spoons or metal bowls with Bagel Sourdough Bread?

This is an annoying debate! Some people (knowing all about bread) will yell at me in the comments section about using metal bowls and spoons, but I have no problem! No matter what I add or proof, my bread turns out great.

There are so many different ways to cook sourdough, which is why each bread is unique! This way I make my bread perfect every time!

It depends on your timeline; It doesn’t have to be exactly 12 or 24 hours.

Customize this timeline to fit your daily routine. I wake up very early, so I start my day at 4 or 5 in the morning. You don’t need to do this..


Ingredients for two loaves of Bagel Sourdough Bread

  • 190g active starter
  • 780 grams of pure room-temperature water
  • 1060 grams of organic bread flour
  • 4 teaspoons fine artisan sea salt

Best Golden Sourdough Bread Recipe Easy for beginners 24 Hour Sourdough Bread Timeline

5:30 am

Feed the starter 1/4 cup starter, 1/4 cup pure room temperature water, and 1/4 cup flour (not bread flour!) Add a piece of tape near your starter line to track growth. Place the starter in a warm area of the house.

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Add the weighed active starter and water to a large bowl and mix well. Mix weighed organic bread flour. You have to use your pretty hands to mix the ingredients. Add the salt (make sure to add it last, so it doesn’t interfere with the starter.) At this point, the mixture will be very sticky and difficult to form into balls. Cover it with a wet towel and keep it aside for an hour.

1:15 pm

After making your dough, pour it into your starter jar, and put it back in the refrigerator if you don’t plan on baking for a few days. If you plan to cook it again the next day, you can leave it on the counter.

2:00 pm

Wet your hands. Now keep folding and spreading the dough until it becomes a big ball. You can do this without bringing your flour to the countertop. I usually do this step with the flour in the bowl the whole time. (Watch the video for help) Once the dough is formed into a ball, cover it back with a wet cloth and keep it aside for three to five hours. At this point, it should double in size. Keep your dough in a warm room (67 to 73.) I often put the bread in the oven to rise with the light rising.

6:00 pm

Take your dough out of the bowl. – Then separate your dough in half but remember that both the parts should be equal. I use a scale to make sure the separated flours have the same weight; Otherwise, baking times will vary for each. It’s okay if they are off by a few grams. Put a little dough on your surface, stretch and fold, and then shape each dough into a tight ball. Pour the dough into the banneton, and place the dough smooth side down into the banneton (proofing basket), cover with a damp towel, and refrigerate overnight. The longer it is kept in the refrigerator, the more concentrated the flavour will become. If you want to add fillers like cheese, cinnamon, raisins, etc., do so during the last stretch and fold.

You can also leave your proofing sourdough in the refrigerator for up to 36 hours, so if you want to bake the bread in the evening instead of in the morning, or even the next day when you get home, it will still taste the same!

Some people don’t keep their sourdough in the refrigerator. I got the best results after cool proofing. Whenever I left the bread out, it would swell and puff up, and I would have to stretch and fold it again before baking it in the morning.

5:30 am (next day)

Preheat oven to 475 degrees.

Remove the proofed sourdough from the refrigerator. Place the dough on a sheet of parchment paper (smooth side up) sprinkle flour on it and use your fingers to smooth the surface. You can also use your scissors, knife or amazing scoring tool to create fun designs. Cut the top of the dough about 1/2 inch thick before placing it in the oven. This will make a great “ear” on sourdough bread.

6:00 am

Bake your sourdough bread.

Place the bread (still on top of the parchment paper) in a covered Dutch oven. Bake for 50 minutes. Remove the top lid and heat for an additional 10 minutes. Remember that all ovens cook differently, so keep an eye on the bread after removing the lid. You don’t want to burn your bread after doing all this work!

7:00 am

Let the bread cool on a rack for two hours before slicing.

9:00 am

Enjoy your bread!

When do I add my fillers to sourdough bread?

Once you’ve mastered the art of making plain Sourdough Bread, the fun of adding flavour to it begins!

If you add herbs, you can add them during the first folding and straining.

Garlic, rosemary, lavender, oat, cinnamon, thyme, basil, etc.

If you’re making bread filled with cheese, fresh produce, sugar, honey, olive oil, or other fun ingredients, I usually wait until after the final stretching folding and shaping to do so.

The main thing is to make sure that the ingredients (except the herbs) are folded in the centre, and not on the outside. Otherwise, it may stick to the pan or burn at high temperatures (especially when using honey).

Some materials may take additional heat.

Sensational Swirls Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023
Sensational Swirls: Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023

delicious taste of sourdough bread

Jalapeno And Cheese

Add generous amounts of shredded pepper jack cheese, sharp cheddar cheese and jalapeno. Mix olive oil, extra cheese and jalapeño to line before baking.

Cinnamon Honey

Line your creases with honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Try your best not to get the honey on the outside of your dough (honey burns quickly.) If honey scares you, use brown sugar instead!

Garlic Parmesan

Add roasted garlic cloves, dried basil, olive oil, and Parmesan to the centre of your folds.

When your bread is cooked, top with Parmesan and basil and let it cool. (Do not add the parm on top until cooked, otherwise it will burn)

Everything But Bagels

Fold and fold everything except the bagel seasoning during your first stretching. After scoring, add everything except olive oil and bagel seasoning to the crease.

Cream Cheese And Lox

One of my favourite ways to enjoy sourdough is to crumble it, drizzle olive oil on top, warm it in the oven, and top it with dill, lox, red onion, a slice of lemon, and capers. Add garlic cream cheese along with it. Spread. Or, if you want to keep it dairy-free, use avocado spread instead of cream cheese.

Honey Oats

Twist and turn the oats during the first stretch. Carefully add honey during the final stretch and mix.

What equipment should I buy to make sourdough bread?

You can use tools you already have in your home, like a knife for scoring, cups as jars, or regular round bowls covered with cloth for proofing.

If you want fun products that get you excited about baking, here are some of my favourite sour things I use! YYou can always add them to your birthday, Halloween and Christmas wish list! I get so excited whenever I buy a new baking gadget.

I have added all items to my Amazon Shopping storefront!

Sensational Swirls Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023
Sensational Swirls: Everything Bagel Sourdough Bread Bliss 2023

Sourdough conditions

What is proofing?

In both regular (yeasted) bread making and sourdough baking, proofing refers to rising after shaping.

Scoring is a method of making shallow cuts on the top of unbaked bread dough just before baking it.

Sourdough starter is a live matured culture of new flour and water. Once combined, the culture will begin to ferment and develop the natural yeast found in our environment. A small amount is added to your bread dough to make it rise.

Stretching and folding is a form of kneading dough in yeast. Stretching and folding help activate the gluten in wheat flour, making it easier to work and shape. If you skip the stretching and folding, you will likely have a wet dough that will not hold its shape before or during baking.

Alveoli refer to the bubbles or pockets of gas present in your bread slices. Larger alveoli can be achieved by achieving the right combination of fermentation, time and temperature.

Discard is the process of removing a portion of the uncooked starter from the jar before feeding your sourdough starter. The leftover portion of uncooked starter is called discard, and there are several recipes you can use to make sure it doesn’t go to waste (or you can make a new starter).

The float test is when you add a teaspoon of sourdough starter to a glass of water. If it floats, it is ready to cook the Sourdough Bread. If it sinks, you’ll have to work a little longer to make your starter.

Made this recipe?

I think I have given you enough information about sourdough bread so far! Feel free to leave any questions in the comment area and I’ll answer them! I can’t wait to share more, and I hope you all send me photos of your bread creations. Remember to subscribe to our blog and have an opportunity to win a free E-cookbook of speedy and simple breakfast recipes.

Did you like this recipe?

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Thank you for your love and support!

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